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About us

About us

We are Recruiters and human resources pros here to change the game in your favor.

The recruiting world has changed to an automated robotic application process with so called candidates not even knowing where or for what they are applying. It looks great to show hundreds of candidate applications for every job but, every recruiter knows what counts is finding real live qualified interested candidates for the job. We go the extra mile in ensuring the candidates who apply for your job intend to apply for your specific job and know the details. We use text messaging to get right in front of their face to make sure of it. Sometimes people need a little push to be their best version of themselves. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression.

You then have the opportunity to invite your chosen candidates to a virtual interview within our secure virtual conference room. Sort the robots out of the mix and have real one on one conversations with the cream of the crop.

Questionnaires + References

Your time is valuable. Rather than reading dozens of ‘no’ resumes, find your best candidates by asking your must haves and nice to haves right up front. Then read how the candidates own references rate them on the four critical areas of integrity, diligence, something and something else!

Text Messaging + Virtual Interviews

From your candidate dashboard you can review the resumes of qualified candidates. A quick text message directly to the best of the best sets up a virtual interview within our secure site so you can ask live questions to shorten your list for the phone and in person interviews.